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Diamond Crosses

Crosses are personal. A sign of willful humility or defiant success. A symbol of unity within diversity and from the many, one

Unity Cross Diamond Necklace

$1,575 +
  • 14 KT White Gold
14 KT White Gold

The collection draws inspiration from the rich history of the cross symbol in religious and non-religious art.

Various forms of art revere and represent the iconic symbol of the cross. From religious paintings and sculptures to architectural designs and decorative motifs.

The collection aims to show the deep meaning of the cross, celebrating its importance in different cultures and traditions.

Every piece in the collection honors its rich history, with a modern twist that fits modern design aesthetics.

A cross symbolizes struggle, sacrifice, a turning point, yearning, reward, a promise fulfilled, or a challenge proposed.

A quest begun or an undertaking achieved. A symbol of hope, crosses are personal.

They mean many things to different people. A cross can be a crossroads, a paradox of life and death.

War and peace, brokenness and wholeness, violence and peace, defeat and victory, destruction and renewal. Each shows humble acceptance or bold achievement.

Our cross pendant has four lab grown diamonds – created from a single crystal. A symbol of unity within diversity and from the many, one.

A J’evar diamond cross features four lab grown diamonds, all created from type IIa crystals. This four-in-one nature gives each piece a unique identity, as singular as the person who receives it.

The Unity Diamond Cross Necklace has four type IIa ALTR created diamonds, from the House of ALTR, the best in the world.

We grow our diamonds using renewable energy. And all our jewelry uses type IIa diamonds for all carat weights.

This symbolic and stylish necklace expresses purity of spirit and comes with a fully self-adjustable chain.

We make all lab-grown diamond crosses with recycled gold. The J’evar unity cross is available in 14k white gold and yellow gold.

Mark any number of occasions with family and friends with a piece of lab grown diamond jewelry from this collection. Symbolic to history, diamond cross pendant is a great gift that is sustainable and stylish.

Absolutely, a fine jewelry piece, our diamond cross pendant necklace, can make a wonderful gift for many occasions! It carries both symbolic and aesthetic value, making it a thoughtful and meaningful choice.

A diamond cross pendant necklace is a timeless and versatile gift, perfect for religious occasions or to show appreciation.

We are a purpose driven brand dedicated to extraordinary innovation and sustainable practices.

A perfect choice for someone special in your life, it's a gift symbolizing faith and responsible luxury!

Yes, we offer shipping and returns for the Diamond Cross Collection.

J'evar fine jewelry offers carbon-neutral shipping, which means that from product to processes, we are environmentally conscious.

Discover the beauty of our lab-grown diamond cross pendant!

We use finest and purest beautiful lab grown diamonds and recycled gold and sterling silver. They come in colors ranging from D to G, and their clarity ranges from VVS to VS. It means that a J'evar lab grown diamonds minimum quality is higher than most brands.

Our commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that each piece maintains its value over time.